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Our Mission Statement

The Goal of “The Club” is to promote and encourage the art of angling with Rod, Reel and line as an enjoyable recreational sport with the emphasis on good sportsmanship, cooperation and conservation as a means of ensuring long-term angling opportunities.
From the club Bylaws
P W Haase

To achieve these goals, The Club has the following principal objectives:

  1. To enlist as members, families and individuals who believe in and support The Club goals.
  2. To improve and expand the angling skills of its members through educational programs and the mutual exchange of angling information and techniques.
  3. To foster the spirit of conservation by practice and example, through catch and release.
  4. To actively support those organizations involved in conservation measures that enhance and preserve recreational sportfishing.
  5. To promote sportsmanship among its members and within the sportfishing community in general.
  6.  To engage in friendly fishing competition with other angling clubs and to support their activities when not inconsistent with our goals.
  7.  To keep accurate records of the fish caught or released by the members and to recognize angling skills and other achievements by appropriate awards and certificates.
  8. To encourage social relations between the members and The Club and similar associations, both locally and worldwide.
  9. To plan club activities, cruises and trips locally and to other countries that will enhance the meaning and experience of belonging to The Club.
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